Before taking any classes, please fill out an intake form. Please note that this only needs to be done once.


All participants are required to take four (4) workshops in-person (for free) OR via online recordings (for $25 each) OR a weekend lean startup bootcamp (for $50)

Introduction: Your Business Idea

Everybody has ideas, but do you know how to evaluate your business ideas and distinguish those from real opportunities? This workshop focuses on providing tools and framework for you to test your startup idea and identify risks before deciding whether or not to pursue the business opportunity.

10/5 @10:30 AM
11/5 @6:30 PM
12/3 @6:30 PM
1/4 @10:30 AM

Testing Your Business Model

Do you know the key elements in building a successful business? How can you plan your business at a very early stage while maintaining contact with customers? This workshop focuses on using Business Model Canvas to run experiences and help you figure out how your startup creates and delivers value.

10/12 @10:30 AM
11/12 @6:30 PM
12/5 @6:30 PM
1/18 @10:30 AM

Startup Marketing

Marketing a startup business can be uniquely challenging because of your limited resources: whether it’s time, money or talents. And, oftentimes, traditional marketing isn’t working. This workshop will help you lay the foundation of what’s needed in a successful startup marketing strategy. It will also cover common channels and best practices.

10/19 @10:30 AM
11/19 @6:30 PM
12/10 @6:30 PM
1/11 @10:30 AM

Entrepreneurial Financing

This workshop focuses on providing financial model templates to help early-stage entrepreneurs with forecasting so they can be equipped to submit the application for the StartUP! Competition.

10/26 @10:30 AM
11/26 @6:30 PM
12/12 @6:30 PM
1/25 @10:30 AM

Legal Considerations for Startup Businesses*

Many people get overwhelmed with the legal aspects of starting a business. This workshop will give you guidance on topics like how to register, the differences between a C-Corp and an S-Corp, and more.

11/21 @6:30 PM
>1/15 @6:30 PM

*Suggested, but not required

All classes are held at Flushing Library (41-17 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11355)

One-Day Bootcamp

Want to take all four required classes in one day? Then our bootcamp is perfect for you! Get them all done on a Saturday!

February 1
9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
31-00 47th Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101