Applications are due at 11:59 pm on March 1st, 2020.

The application consists of three parts: key questions, 3-year financial projections, and a 3-minute video.

Part 1: Key Questions

The questions focus on understanding the startup company’s product, market, business model, team and use of funds. We want to have a whole picture of where you’re now and where you’re going to be in the next 3-5 years. You can view all the questions by starting the application on YouNoodle. You do not have to finish it in one day. You can save it and come back to it later. Keep in mind that applications are due at 11:59 PM on March 1st, 2020.

Part 2: Three-Year Financial Projections

Three -year financial projections include: income statement, key metrics, and break-even analysis. Year 1 sales projections need to be month by month. Year two and three are quarterly. Here is a template to help you structure your financials. The template is intended to show you the level of details you should have in your financials. Please note that we accept other templates or formats in Excel or PDF as long as the three items mentioned above are included!

Part 3: Three-Minute Video

The video is no more than three minutes. It’s an opportunity to give your high-level elevator pitch.


  • Keep in mind that you can start the application, save it, and come back to it later. You don’t have to do it in one day.
  • You need to fill out a full application and this may take some time.
  • There will be absolutely no exceptions made for late business plans for any reason whatsoever.
  • We recommend applying before the deadline so that you have ample time, especially if you have any questions. Please also note that QEDC offices close on Friday at 5:00 PM; if you have any issues after that time no one will be able to help you.